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Updated on NEW Jumbo products we recently rolled out – 90% Jumbo – No MI – 5/1 Arm up to $1.5 million 70% Non-owner Jumbo – Interest Only 80% 2nd Home – Interest Only Or Our Asset Depletion Program could be the perfect solution! Retired and non-retired borrowers are eligible No add-ons to your rate for using asset depletion income Asset Depletion income can be coupled with other forms of income (pension, social security, w2 wages, self-employed income,[...]


And they say Christmas only comes once a year.... Great New Product(s)


Blue Adobe Mortgage is excited to announce three new Alt QM programs! Maybe your buyer just needed that little extra stretch to get them into a new home in 2015! Alt Income o Income calculation  based on bank statements for self-employed borrowers o Self-employed borrower is required, tax returns NOT allowed o Additional spouse W-2 income or other non-self-employed income can be used for qualification  Standard income documentation is required o 5/1, 7/1 and[...]


What a month! What a year!!


Thank you to our friends and advocates who have helped make Blue Adobe Mortgage the 4th largest lender by “purchase loans” on the Monterey Peninsula so far this year!!!   I continue to be amazed and humbled by the professionals that I am fortunate enough to work with everyday here at Blue Adobe Mortgage. Our Licensed Loan Originators take a very solution oriented approach to our buyer’s individual needs at Blue Adobe Mortgage. ......and it’s not just our[...]