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What a month! What a year!!


Thank you to our friends and advocates who have helped make Blue Adobe Mortgage the 4th largest lender by “purchase loans” on the Monterey Peninsula so far this year!!!   I continue to be amazed and humbled by the professionals that I am fortunate enough to work with everyday here at Blue Adobe Mortgage. Our Licensed Loan Originators take a very solution oriented approach to our buyer’s individual needs at Blue Adobe Mortgage. ......and it’s not just our[...]


Team Work Works


Hi and Happy Tuesday! I think you might like this.  The below is from a guy I identify with quite a bit.  His name is Pascal Finette.  He talks below about how a great team needs to work together in order to be GREAT.  In order to truly be exceptional on a large scale you must trust your team members and they must be held accountable.........simple as that.  In the real estate business our teams not only consists of our internal team members like my team of Chris[...]


VA Loans for Jumbo buyers?


Happy Hump Day - Did you know that VA will allow the Veteran Buyer to pay for termite work required to obtain a clear termite report?  It’s true! The purchase contract must clearly state what work will be paid for by the Veteran/Buyer and at what cost. As long as the details are clearly spelled out on the purchase contract, the amounts are listed on the HUD and the borrower has sufficient acceptable assets to do so, the Vet can pay for termite work. Keep in mind the Veteran Buyer[...]