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Why get a Pre-Approval when looking for a New House?


Written by Bob Walker

Getting pre-approved is your first best step.

As you likely know or are finding out, buying a house in this real estate market is like stepping into a competitive arena. You need to obtain a mortgage to buy in most cases. Getting a vetted and complete pre-approval makes you prepared while house searching and will set you apart from those who have not. You can locate the right properties based on your budget and can negotiate with confidence and successfully close the transaction with your lender's help. This proof of solid footing also gives your representative, a real estate agent, a key tool to sell you as the best buyer for your chosen property with assurance. You will, therefore, have a significant advantage over others who are not prepared with a formal and complete pre-approval.

Knowing your numbers will give you confidence. A home purchase is a big transaction. Understanding the advantages over renting, and the return on your investment is helpful in seeing your financial direction and future. The amount of debt you can afford, the amount for a down payment, closing costs and the on-going monthly expense after you own is a key element in understanding what you are capable of doing and giving you peace of mind on the right home and transaction plan.

The process is confidential and free. Taking the time to get prepared with a professional lender will do more than give you confidence and peace of mind, it will also help build an important relationship with your mortgage profession and Realtor®. This is a process, and having a trusting relationship with a financial advisor will have long lasting benefits as property, investments, and lifestyle needs change over time. The world is filled with options and enticing offers. Having experience with your personal professional team will help you from being lured into an option which may not, in the long run, be the best for you

.The process of getting a comprehensive pre-approval will bring peace of mind and certainty to your purchasing power and ultimate property purchase. It will help you take action with confidence and enjoy the overall experience with minimal stress. Success comes to those who are prepared, and luck is when design meets opportunity.

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