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Strategy is Always Better than Quick


Written by Mike Boerlin

I just got back from a three day very intense mortgage banking conference our mortgage bank puts on for our industry leaders. 

Make no mistake about it, we are living in very “disrupting times” for many business models.  Just look at Amazon trying to get into the food business, Uber and Lyft go toe to toe with the taxi business and Web MD telling folks how to fix themselves.  In fact on this trip I used Lyft (don’t have an Uber app) for the first time.  It was perfect for my trip from the Hotel to the San Diego airport.  But when I was in San Francisco last weekend I used taxis for everything because that was actually the better “strategy” for getting around the City.

Back to the meeting…………..  We went over all the new products, internet applications, and “short cuts” to getting a mortgage loan.

Like Blue Adobe Mortgages mobile App Click Here to Start! that we have been using for over a year that allows clients to electronically sign documents, take a picture of paystubs, W-2s and other documents to automatically and safely upload these to their file.

Like Day One Certainty which is basically the Rocket Mortgage platform that allows Blue Adobe Mortgage to almost instantly retrieve bank statements, verifications of employment and tax items from the client.

Like all the new products coming our way……Non-QM Jumbos, Bank Statement program for business people, Home Equity lines to 95%, and our new “sweep account home loan” made for the savvy home buyer who wants to pay off their house earlier and effectively pay a lower rate that allows them to save more

Now, while all this may sound like “wow! How easy will it be to get a mortgage loan?”  Is that what everyone really wants or needs or is even best for them?  I just saw one company promoting how a client “can sign loan documents from the bottom of the Grand Canyon or in an airplane at 30,000 feet”…………..really, this is what I would want to do on my vacation…..Not!

Look, getting a mortgage is one of the biggest financial decisions most people will do in their lives.  It is not something to take lightly or do while riding a donkey down the Grand Canyon. 

Blue Adobe Mortgage has been around for over 17 years helping families buy homes on the Central Coast of California.  Our loan agents are experienced, street savvy and care about their client’s needs.  They analyze the overall situation and suggest loan products and strategies to help our clients today and set them up for future success.  Buying a home, saving, 401ks, investments and debt management all goes into what and how we suggest a client tackle the job of buying a home. 

Doing a mortgage fast while riding a donkey on the side of a cliff is just not all that smart.  Call the experts at Blue Adobe Mortgage and let them show you what we have to offer. 

If its fast you need we have that too………….. 

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