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What a month! What a year!!


Thank you to our friends and advocates who have helped make Blue Adobe Mortgage the 4th largest lender by “purchase loans” on the Monterey Peninsula so far this year!!!   I continue to be amazed and humbled by the professionals that I am fortunate enough to work with everyday here at Blue Adobe Mortgage. Our Licensed Loan Originators take a very solution oriented approach to our buyer’s individual needs at Blue Adobe Mortgage. ......and it’s not just our loan officers here that are “solution oriented”. We have a dedicated team of individuals that help make the process as smooth as possible for buyers.  In what can sometimes seem like a complex process our processors, underwriters, document drawers and funders all work together to give the buyer an excellent experience. Solutions? You want solutions......, I’ll give you solutions...... • Underwrite on 1 year tax returns for self employed buyers (case by case) • Fresh Start Program that allows no waiting period for Short Sales and Foreclosures • Blended ratios on non-FHA loans • No MI on jumbo loans with less than 20% down up to $850k Have a great 4th Quarter!!! Success Stories - Quarter 3 2014

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