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Jumbo Buyer Loan Product / Asset Depletion Loan


"Every Loan is like a Snowflake"

snowflake (1) This is one of my favorite sayings at Blue Adobe Mortgage. You know that the people that live on the Central Coast are as unique as their homes. Unique situations call for flexible solutions.   Let our "Asset Depletion" loan help your high net-worth buyers Example of Asset Depletion -$2.5M in the bank -$500k being used as reserves -Remaining $2M being used as income via asset depletion (separation of money from actual accounts NOT required). -Asset Depletion Calculation: $2,000,000 / 120 months = $16,666 monthly income. -Depleting term of assets 10 years (although an Underwriter reserves the right to increase the term of depletion if necessary to offset other risk factors). -Assets used for Income can NOT also be used for reserve requirements LTV will be limited to 75%. -No other product exceptions will be considered when using asset depletion for income. I am happy to discuss the program with any of your buyers who may fit this profile.  Have a great weekend! Earning your business one buyer at a time...... snowflake (1)

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