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Bad Credit Waiting Periods


Every week I am asked multiple times about how long a buyer needs to wait after a serious credit issue before they can purchase again.  Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, USDA and VA have fairly clear guidelines around these timeframes.  I have  below is a great “go-to” flyer for the typical required waiting periods after a serious derogatory credit event. As always, best is to have them call me so we can determine exactly where they fall in the[...]


FHA - Change to the Flip Rule


A quick heads up regarding a change with all FHA loans effective January 1, 2015………(don’t shoot the messenger). Anyone working with a seller that acquired a property less than 90 days ago and is “flipping” it to a new buyer using an FHA loan or any buyer negotiating a purchase of a home from a seller who acquired the property less than 90 days ago and wants to use their FHA loan to buy We don’t see this come up much anymore, but[...]


Niche Stuff


Updated on NEW Jumbo products we recently rolled out – 90% Jumbo – No MI – 5/1 Arm up to $1.5 million 70% Non-owner Jumbo – Interest Only 80% 2nd Home – Interest Only Or Our Asset Depletion Program could be the perfect solution! Retired and non-retired borrowers are eligible No add-ons to your rate for using asset depletion income Asset Depletion income can be coupled with other forms of income (pension, social security, w2 wages, self-employed income,[...]