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Why get a Pre-Approval when looking for a New House?


Written by Bob Walker Getting pre-approved is your first best step. As you likely know or are finding out, buying a house in this real estate market is like stepping into a competitive arena. You need to obtain a mortgage to buy in most cases. Getting a vetted and complete pre-approval makes you prepared while house searching and will set you apart from those who have not. You can locate the right properties based on your budget and can negotiate with confidence and successfully close[...]


Love Your VA Loans


Written by Christine DiMaggio Riise and Aimee Ramos Some Statistics: There are over 2 million veterans in California with an estimated 19,000 living within Monterey and San Benito County. Why is it that we so rarely find that veterans are using their eligibility benefits for home buying? Some we find have never really understood the benefits VA financing can provide compared to other loan programs. Others know about VA loans but have been advised by an influencer (ie. realtor,[...]


5 Things To Do To Get Ready To Buy A House


Written by Josh Ehle Are you thinking of buying a home and don’t know where to start? Here are 5 things to do to get ready to buy a home. 1.       Examine your Finances and Budget: If you are not tracking how much you are spending in a given month, now is a good time to start determining how you spend your money and where. This will give you an idea of your total expenses and how a new mortgage can fit into that plan. You may even notice[...]